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Tools and support

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Email for Android

Setting up email for Android smart phones


Real email in the web browser

You can always read your email by opening the web browser and going to

Email with notifications (automatic setup)

NB! Android phones may have different interfaces, and the screen shots in this guide may not necessarily match your phone, but they are intended as a guide.


1. Go to Settings> Accounts

2. Select "Add account"

3. Choose between two layouts:

1. Select "Exchange" (to use the default email client on your device),

2. or the app "Outlook" (recommended email client). Download the Outlook app for Android (Google Play)

4. Enter your OsloMet email address:

5. Log in through Feide with your OsloMet username and password to complete the setup.

6. Go to the Outlook app and make sure you are receiving emails.

Email with notifications (manual setup)

NB! If you have trouble getting the Exchange setup to work, you may be asked to manually add the server settings.


Follow the instructions for automatic setup above, but enter the following server settings:

Email address:

Domain\Username: \ [NB! Include the backslash: \]

Password: OsloMet password


IMAP settings

Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: TLS

SMTP settings

Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: STARTTLS

See also IMAP and SMTP settings in (Outlook Online opens).

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