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New business idea or suggestions for a new service?

Contact the VIE Group, which works to facilitate increased value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship (VIE) at HiOA. The VIE Group will be happy to assist you in evaluating your idea and how it can be further developed.


If you are employed at HiOA you start by filling out all or parts of this notification form/DOFI and by informing your line manager. You can then submit the DOFI to the VIE team. We will contact you shortly after receiving the DOFI to arrange a meeting to review your idea and discuss further development. In the meantime, you can read more about the content of a business model (

The idea or service you are currently developing will be presented to one of HiOA's commersialisation participants, who can assist in your work.


If you are a student, you can contact the VIE Group / StartOsloMet, who will be happy to assist you with advice on how to develop your idea. We can also assist with getting in touch with commercialisation participant if this is needed.

You can apply for STUD-ENT funding from the Research Council if you are in the final year of a bachelor or master’s degree.


Feel free to contact the VIE Group if you have questions regarding this or related to value creation, innovation and entrepreneurship at HiOA.

Other resources/tools

DOFI - notification form

Innovation Norway – Forretningsmodell  (in Norwegian only)

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