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Mentoring for candidates for promotion

Are you a candidate for promotion to a top academic position, or would you like to become a mentor? You can now apply to participate in the mentoring programme for 2019.

In 2018, candidates for promotion to top academic positions will be offered mentoring. The programme is carried out under the auspices of the OsloMet Academy.

Are you a potential candidate for promotion?

To be an adept in the mentoring programme, you must be a candidate for promotion to the top academic positions of professor, dosent professor or senior researcher. You are currently either:

  • An associate professor (førsteamanuensis) in a permanent position (working at least 50 % of a full-time position) with the ambition and will to work towards a promotion to professor.
  • An associate professor (førstelektor) in a permanent position (working at least 50 % of a full-time position) with the ambition and will to work towards being promoted to dosent professor.
  • A researcher in a permanent position with position code SKO 1109 or 1110, with the ambition and will to work towards being promoted to position code SKO 1183.

The following criteria will be among the ones emphasised when selecting candidates for the mentoring programme:

  • Your motivation and reasons for wanting to participate
  • Academic breadth
  • That your position is permanent, or that there are at least 12 months left of your employment period
  • That you work at least 50 % of a full-time position
  • That you are a member of a research group

The University's Diversity Action Plan states that 25 % of participants in the mentoring program will have an immigrant background. Immigrant background is defined here as "immigrants", persons with two foreign parents who themselves have immigrated or "norwegian born with immigrant parents", i.e. persons born and raised in Norway with two foreign-born parents. Whether the program will be in English or Norwegian will depend on the Norwegian knowledge of the participants with immigrant background

Would you like to become a mentor?

The OsloMet Academy also wants to recruit mentors for the mentoring programme. The mentors must hold a top academic position.

The following criteria will be emphasised when selecting mentors for the mentoring programme:

  • An interest in one's own and other people’s growth and learning 
  • Good communication skills
  • Network
  • Willingness to set aside time for mentoring 

Mentors will receive a grant of up to NOK 10,000 that must be spent on their own academic Development.

How to apply

The structure of the mentoring programme

  • The programme starts in January 2019 and concludes in December 2019.

  • During this period, the mentor and the adept are expected to have 10–12 meetings.

  • Four plenary session will be organised during the period, as well as one Mentor Master lass and one ession for adepts. 

Planned activities and sessions in 2019

  • Information meeting for candidates for promotion: January 15th
  • Interviews/conversations with the candidates for promotion: weeks 2–3, i.e. 9–11 January and 15–18 January.
  • Mentor master class: 30 January
  • Start-up session: 12 February
  • Session for adepts: 4 April
  • Interim session 1: 28 May
  • Interim session 2: 12 September
  • Final session: 28 November

Attendance is mandatory for all sessions, and you must undertake to participate in 10–12 mentor/adept Meetings.

Who considers the Applications?

The applications are considered by the Department of Human Resources, the faculties and the applicants’ centres, as well as by the Administrative Research Institute at NHH Norwegian School of Economics (AFF) (see external website). AFF is one of Norway's top centres of expertise in the field of mentoring. AFF resources assist OsloMet in the development and implementation of the programme.

The objective of the mentoring programme

The mentoring programme shall:

  • Contribute to career development for candidates for promotion to a top academic position
  • Contribute to developing one of Norway's new universities
  • Contribute to learning and development for the mentors, adepts and the organisation as a whole


Contact person: Vibeke Horn, Programme director for culture, diversity and welfare (Human Resources, Department of Organisation and Corporate Governance)