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Tools and support

Tools and support

IT Support / E-mail and calendar

Marking absence in the calendar

How to mark time as busy or out of office as well as adding other activities in the Outlook calendar, to show your co-workers when you are available.
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    You must actively change settings in your Skype phone (office phone) if calls should be redirected to the switchboard


Adding an appointment/activity in the calendar

1. Open Calendar

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click on Calendar, select the tab in the bottom left corner.

Skjermbilde: Klikk Kalender

2. Choose activity

1. In the tab Calendar you have several opportunities for adding the desired activity.

In the example, the entry is regarding a whole day of compensatory time off:

  • Right-click on the day and time in question.
  • Choose the activity in the right menu that appears. See picture below:

Skjermbilde: Velg Ny avtale

2. Or you can select from the tools menu at the top:

  • For instance, select the button New elements > Appointment – if the absence or activity is regarding a lunch appointment.
  • Select the desired activity or event from the list. See an example in the picture below:

Skjermbilde: Eller du kan velge i verktøymenyen øverst

3. Adding an appointment

  • Under the tab Appointment/Avtale: Write what the appointment regards in the Subject field. In the example below, we have written Lunch date.
  • Enter the start and end time in the calendar.
  • Save and close.

Skjermbilde: Skriv emne, tid og dato

4. Private appointment/activity (optional)

You can choose whether the entry should be private or public i.e. available for other employees.

By default, it will be set as private. Then only you see the topic in question.

  • Click on the Private icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar in the Outlook calendar, if the entry is of private nature.

Skjermbilde: Ikon/kode for privat

5. Creating colour categories (optional)

You can also make colour categories for your activities in the calendar. It is easier to organise and sort your activities when using different colours.

  • Click on Categorise
  • Select the desired colour
  • Enter a desired topic for the specific colour category. See example below.

Skjermbilde: Lage fargekategorier

Add another person’s calendar to the calendar view

Open another person's calendar in Outlook Online / O365

Settings in Skype for Business to redirect calls to the switchboard / close Skype phone

Your Skype phone (office phone) is available even if you have an activity / appointment in the Outlook calendar.

Incoming calls connects to the switchboard for assistance if:

  • Your Skype for Business phone / office phone is set to: "Forward my calls to: 67235000"

How to redirect calls in Skype for Business to the switchboard

Redirect calls to mobile phone
You can also redirect calls from Skype for Business to a private mobile phone.
  1. Select the icon for settings in the top-right corner in Skype for Business: «Options».
  2. Then Select «Call Forwarding»
  3. Click on «Forward my calls to:” and open the drop down menu and select: «New number or Contact»
  4. Type the number«67235000» and click on «OK» - then «OK» again in the next window / box.
  5. All calls to your Skype for Business / office phone will now be connected to the switchboard until you choose to exit.
  6. To stop forwarding your calls, go to Skype for Business and click on «Turn Off»-button (in the front) in the yellow field.
Regarding 3. and 4. when redirecting calls at a later time:
You will not need to reenter the number the next time.
Select from the drop down menu "67235000" and click "OK" to redirect calls to the switchboard.
  • Sentralbordet kan kun gi innringer god informasjon om slikt er tilgjengelig enten i din Outlook-kalender eller i Skype for Business emnefeltet eller lokasjon. Varighet på din kalenderavtale vil være synlig for sentralbordet. Sentralbordet vil kunne opplyse innringere om hvor lenge fraværet varer.
  • Vi anbefaler at du samtidig setter din status i Skype for Business til til noe annet enn «Available» slik at dine kolleger kan se at du er opptatt. Bruk gjerne emnefeltet («what’s happening today?») og lokasjon («Set your Location») slik at kollegaer er godt informert om når du vil være tilgjengelig igjen.
  • Sentralbordet kan også hjelpe innringer med å gi ut din e-postadresse, koble til din sjef, kollega eller stedfortreder om kjent.

The screenshot guide below shows how to enter an appointment and redirect your Skype phone / office phone to the switchboard.

1. Select "Options"

Velg Options for å opprette viderekobling

2. Select "Call forwarding"

Velg Call forwarding for å opprette viderekobling til sentralbordet

3. Select "Forward my calls to:"

Velg Forward my calls to: for å velge sentralbordet

4. Select "Turn off"to end forwarding your calls.

Velg Turn off for å deaktivere viderekobling

Private entries or reminders in the calendar

If you wish to hide all text in the subject field should for your co-workers at HiOA: 

  • Click on the button "Private" in the Outlook entry.  
  • This is what the button «privat» looks like:

Skjermbilde: Privat-ikon