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Candidates to the board election of temporary staff in teaching and research positionsat the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD) the Spring 2020

Below you can read the presentations of the candidates to the election of temporary staff in teaching and research positions to the Faculty board at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design for the election Spring 2020.

Martha Risnes

PhD student, Department of Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering (MEK)
  • Deputy member in the faculty board spring semester 2020.
Why do I run?

OsloMet is transitioning from a høyskole to a university.  I believe that an important part of that is promoting TKD as a good place to do research. This requires a good academic environment, which I believe can be strengthened by right strategies and knowledge about the different research disciplines at TKD.

I think that good internal communication is important for TKD to become more attractive to future PhDs, but also to utilise its potential as an interdisciplinary faculty. 

Bernardo Santos

PhD Student, Department of Computer Science (IT)
Previous board positions or other relevant experience: class representative in middle school and high school.
Why do I run?
As a university, OsloMet has been showcasing to the world how diverse and open to new cultures it is, but that should also reflect within the employee body, composed by various nationalities, something that is also true within the ones that hold a temporary position.
Therefore, I believe that our board would benefit from more international representation and perspective and as such, my aim by being in this board would be to contribute on that regard.