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Candidates to the board election at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD)

Below you can presentations of the candidates to the Faculty board at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design for the election Autumn 2019.



Candidates from the permanent staff in teaching and research positions (UF): 
Berte-Julienne Dongmo-Engeland, Tore Gulden, Ismail Hassan, Randi Veiteberg KvellestadKirsten Aarset and Boel Christensen Scheel

Candidates from the temporary staff in teaching and research positions (UF):
Marta Risnes, Gustavo Mello and Ellen Sethov

Candidates from the staff in technical-administrative positions (TA): 
Mari Devik, Helen Eckersberg, Minyahel Muluneh Yimer, Marit Sandvik and Olav-Johan Øye

Candidates from the permanent staff in teaching and research positions (UF)

Picture of Berthe Dongmo EngelandBerthe-Julienne Dongmo-Engeland

Associate Professor/Program manager
Department of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology

  • Member of the Education Committee at TKD 
  • Board member Smart Cities Norway 
  • FAU Sørumsand school 2013-2016 
  • FAU Bingsfoss youth school from 2019 
  • Program manager, Civil Engineering (Bachelor) TKD (spring 2019) 
  • Project leader for the establishment of a new Master's degree at the Department of Construction and Energy Technology (Smart Mobility and Urban Analytics) •Teaching and guidance from BA level to Master. EPS project semester
Why do i run? 3 reasons 

I am running as a representative for UF staff in the faculty board at TKD.As part of my position, I want to contribute to the development of a learning and innovative environment, with a focus on better knowledge sharing between the various departments. We learn from each other and are inspired by success stories from other departments. 

The work of establishing a new interdisciplinary master's program has made me even more aware of the importance of collaboration across departments atour faculty. If we are to succeed in future-oriented education, research and innovation, we must work together. 

I want to work for TKD to make even greater efforts for interdisciplinary cooperation between the departments. I joined in 2015 and have experience challenges that come with being part of a smaller professional environment. 

I shall focus on safeguarding the smaller disciplines at TKD, in particular by ensuring that their voices are heard in the faculty board and that the smaller study and research environments and their individuality are taken into account.

Tore Gulden

Institutt for Produktdesign, TDK

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Picture of Ismail HassanIsmail Hassan

Assistant professor
Department of Computer Science

In the fall of 1994, I started on the engineering studies at Oslo University College and in 2005 I was hired as an IT Engineer. Since then, I have had different roles and positions (Student, Technical employee, Academic employee and Head of studies) at OsloMet/HiOA /HiO. That experience has given me a unique opportunity to get acquainted with different parts of the Faculty.

Platform for my candidacy

TKD has many different profession oriented study programs that are important sources of recruitment for society and industry. The transition from a University college to a University has fostered a need to recruit Professors/Associate Professors in order to increase the number of publications and strengthen the faculties research activities.

Our university and students need academic staff with high quality research activities that can help to develop and advance the professions, while it is also important to have academic staff who have broad practical experience from the field.

As a member of the faculty board, I intend to:

  • work towards a faculty that is a vibrant and an attractive workplace with a diverse academic staff possessing different expertise in order to equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the the 21st century workplace.
  • provide development opportunities for the employees. Technological advances and increased digitization of academia offer us opportunities to develop our pedagogical competency. In order for the employees to benefit from these advances and enhance their knowledge and skills, it is important that they are provided with all the necessary resources.
  • work towards a more open and transparent decision-making processes where employees and students are given the opportunity to make good contributions.
Board membership and other relevant experience
  • 2018 - Now:  Board member, Forskerforbundet, OsloMet
  • 2018 - Now: Union representative, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, Forskerforbundet, OsloMet
  • 2018 - Now: Member of the Employment Committee for teaching and research positions, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, OsloMet
  • 2015 - 2015: Head of European Project Semester (EPS), Computer Science Department, TKD, HiOA
  • 2014 - 2015: Program Coordinator for the undergraduate programs, Computer Science Department, TKD, HiOA
  • 2012 - 2015: Member of the Institute Council, Computer Science Department, TKD, HiOA
  • 2012 - 2015: Member of International Committee, Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, HiOA
  • 2012 - 2015 Academic international coordinator, Computer Science Department, TKD, HiOA

Picture of Randi Veiteberg KvellestadRandi Veiteberg Kvellestad

Associate Professor
Department of Art, Design and Drama
Previous board positions and other relevant experience:
  • Representative in the Institute council at the Department of Art, Design and Drama in 2012 and 2013
  • Board work for the Department of Art, Design and Drama as a board member and chair of the Aesthetic Forum from 2006-2017
  • Participated in course and program planning work within the Department of Art, Design and Drama, and at the Faculty with the program plan for «Complementary engineering and technology program»
  • Appointed by KU as a member of the committee for the preparation of a new framework plan for 3-year professional teacher education in design, arts and crafts, in music, dance, drama and in physical education and sports
  • Has been essential in building up and development of Alumni work on the Department of Art, Design and Drama, and was responsible for conducting the Jubilee Exhibition in 2010
  • Team coordinator for various studies since 2006
  • Participated and completed external assignments
The platform you choose - I want to:
  • Cultivate and develop the Faculty through focus on Technology, Art and Design, thus supporting Oslo Met's strategy to become a modern and high quality university of applied sciences
  • Facilitate the development of interdisciplinary collaboration at the Faculty and to promote knowledge and experience through practice and teamwork 
  • Promote sustainable focus and action at all levels in various educational programs
  • Work for study quality and a good educational environment
  • Work for research-based education, and didactic, design and art work methods

Picture of Kirsten AarsetKirsten Aarset

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical, Electronics and Chemistry
Tidligere styreverv eller annen relevant erfaring
  • Faculty board TKD (1 period)
  • Research committee TKD (1 period)
  • The education Committee OsloMet (October 2018 - August 2019)
  • Appeal board OsloMet (2019-)
  • Departmental Board HiO (2 periods)
  • International Committee (technology 2000 - )
  • International Committee TKD
  • Head of program for biotechnology and Chemistry (April 2014 - December 2017)
  • Vise-dean for education TKD (October 2018 - August 2019)
  • Project Manager Complementary engineering and technology education (2018 -)
Plattformen du går til valg på
I have many years of experience at OsloMet and, through the positions I have held, I know the faculty and the university well. With that experience, I can see the context and consequences of the decisions made by the Faculty Board.
An important issue for the Faculty is to maintain and improve the quality of education. It is important that we focus on the new Masters’ programs, but must still ensure the quality and relevance of the Bachelors’ programs. 

Picture of Boel Christensen-ScheelBoel Christensen-Scheel


Department of Art, Design and Drama

Previous board positions and other relevant experience:

  • Leader of research group Art in Society Research, TKD / OsloMet 
  • Coordinator for MA study specialization Art in Society, TKD / OsloMet
  • Substitute member in TKD’s R&D committee at OsloMet
  • Member of working group  for cross disciplinary programme INTERACT at OsloMet
  • Member of advisory board for TechPhil at OsloMet, new cross-disciplinary BA course for all OsloMet students with introduction to digital perspectives
  • Member of advisory group on development of  new assessment process for profession university colleges, NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education)
  • Leader of evaluation committee of BA programme at Steinerhøyskolen for  NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education)
  • Member of the Professional Assessment Board for children and youth culture, distribution of grants, Norwegian Cultural Council
  • Board Member, Norwegian Critics Association
  • Substitute board member in UiOs board and deputy for the temporary academic staff, University of Oslo

The platform you choose - I want to:

  • Contribute to creating strong cross-disciplinary studies close to research activities
  • Create environments and projects for further collaboration between administrative and academic staff
  • Propose and enhance structures for transparent management and high degree of ownership to TKD processes among staff
  • Continue developing innovation project and competence at the intersections with both education and research
  • Promote and cultivate positive collaborations and feelings of togetherness at TKD
  • Work for gender balance and sustainability in TKDs everyday


Candidates from the  temporary staff in teaching and research positions (UF)

Picture of Marta RisnesMartha Risnes

Ph.D. student
Department of Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering (MEK)
I think it is important to promote OsloMet as an attractive place to do research. This requires a good professional environment. As a PhD, it is important to have relevant subjects and academic input from colleagues or externally.
Personally, I don't know much about what's going on at the faculty outside my project. Therefore, I think that good internal communication is important for TKD to become more attractive to future PhDs, but also to utilise its potential as an interdisciplinary faculty.

Picture of Gustavo MelloGustavo Borges Moreno e Mello

Adjunct Associate Professor / Researcher
Department of Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering (MEK)

I think it is very important that the temporary staff has a clear voice at TKD’s Faculty Board. The temporary staff brings value to OsloMet through the influx of new skills, attitudes, and perspectives. Be that in the administration, in education, or in research, these new perspectives enrich and renew the University’s culture, which ultimately increases the institution’s capacity to face future challenges. 

Now, more than never, the university needs this fresh perspective. OsloMet needs to acquire the characteristics, proportions, impact, and outreach of a world class university. To that end, it is necessary that new ideas are heard, that they are sincerely considered, and courageously and diligently implemented. 
During my time at TKD, I saw many good ideas died before they had the chance to see the daylight. This tends to happen because of two reasons: 1- we lack a strategic vision that aligns all the different interests toward a common goal; 2- we lack strong voices to defend the vision, and the necessity to change. 
I believe to be qualified to help to build this vision and promote the necessary changes. My experience includes research, teaching, and administration in six different international research institutes in three different countries, two of these institutions in Norway, and one of them outside of Europe. I was an entrepreneur in Brasil and worked as a Human Resources administrator. I have participated in the foundation of the largest research center for neuroscience and cancer of Portugal, The Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, and I have learned to deal with many of the administrative, cultural and political challenges that a new research institution may face. I believe this experience might be useful in the Faculty Board when discussing and delineating strategies.  
As I see it, to build collaboration and agreements we must go beyond meetings and workshops. We need to talk directly and listen to people, one conversation at a time. It is a cumbersome process, but it is the only way to reduce the vicious effects of group thinking, where loud voices tend to silence equally interested, but less confrontational people. And to be able to do that, the representative must be able to empathize and speak the same language of the community. 
I believe to have the knowledge and the attitude necessary to represent staff from different fields of TKD. I have a multidisciplinary background (i.e., psychology, pedagogy, social service, arts, statistics, biology, and computer sciences), which means that I am especially interested, understanding, and sensible to the issues and inputs that I receive from the students, staff and faculty members from different subject areas. My desire is to work toward building and consolidating mutually beneficial collaboration avenues between IT, Bygg, MEK and beyond (arts, education, business, and health). So that TKD can be a bastion of progress, and opportunities for students and temporary staff at OsloMet.

Furthermore, it is important to me that the Faculty Board secure and allocate resources to support this development. Especially when it concerns the temporary staff, which struggle with instability, uncertainty and shorter timelines. We need to review the policies in place and assess whether they enable fairness, development, research and retaining of talents. We should act to ensure greater stability to those who are committed to the development of the institution, and allow for longer engagements if these are in the best interest of OsloMet. Beyond stability, it is necessary to reshape the temporary nature of the engagements, so they maximize a positive impact in the career of the temporary staff. This benefits the temporary employee as much as the university, which will be seen as a career launching/ boosting platform, and consequently attract evermore ambitious and international temporary contributors. Hence, ultimately acting as a driving force to innovation and internationalization.

I am often described me as friendly, outgoing and outspoken. These characteristics will help me to proactively collect first-hand information from the staff at TKD, and to defend their collective interest at the board meetings, if and when I am elected. It is my intention to do my best to conciliate different needs, views, and goals towards strategies that are mutually beneficial, so it becomes easier and faster to implement necessary changes. I can promise that I will collaborate with the other members of the board, but I also promise to not to stay quiet in face of a proposition that is harmful, unfair, unreasonable, or plain wrong. I fiercely believe that to have a strong democracy, each of the voices must be strong enough to be heard. If elected, my highest priority is to make the voices of my colleagues to be heard so we can negotiate the best way to move forward.
If you believe I can help you, and make from OsloMet an even better place to work, learn and grow, it will be an honor for me to represent you.

Picture of Ellen SethovEllen Sethov

Assistant professor
Department of Computer Science, Technology management

  • Member of the faculty advisory board TKD (OsloMet)
  • Project leader and lecturer in innovation and entrepreneurship (Junior Achievement) 
  • Board member (BI startup)
  • Refugee guide and trainer (Red Cross)
  • Coordinator at Enhet for innovasjon og kompetanseutvikling (EST, HIOA) 
  • Student administration (LUI, HIOA)
  • Teaching and classroom management (Oslo municipality) 

As a member of the faculty board, my ambition would be to reach our common goal of delivering the knowledge required to solve society’s future challenges. In order to understand the challenges that will face society in the future, our faculty needs to be close to and feel the pulse of society at large. I would emphasize dialog and collaboration with local and international organizations, institutions and businesses. As I regard temporary staff as a vital source of critical knowledge and new perspectives, I would strive to make their expertise valued and appreciated. I would like the faculty to extend its cross-disciplinary collaboration between institutes, other faculties and universities. That way, we would be able to create a foundation for making OsloMet Norway’s leading source of research-based knowledge. I would like to contribute to the faculty’s ability to put words into action. 

Candidates from the staff in technical-administrative positions (TA)

Picture of Mari DevikMari Devik

Faculty Administration, 

In the last few years, there have been major changes both at TKD and at OsloMet. The transition from University College to University has affected the whole organization. At the same time, great changes have been happening both structurally and in the leadership at TKD. Several organizational changes have been made, and there have been shifts in leadership on many levels. The entire University organization is going through significant changes, and the shift from Faculty council to Faculty board is only one example of this.

In such times of change, it is absolutely necessary to have representatives on the newly established Faculty board who can focus on the entirety of the faculty, interaction and cooperation between the different units internally, as well as with the University leadership group. I want to be a representative in the Faculty board to ensure that the TKD leadership group is challenged with regards to transparent and understandable leadership. I want to contribute to the making of decisions that benefit the faculty as a whole.

Students, lecturers, researchers and administration constitutes the whole that is our faculty. I want to challenge our new leaders to make decisions that show that all departments, all sections and all levels of our organization are of equally great value, and that the understanding that none of the abovementioned could exist without the others, is present in all layers of management. In those cases where our leaders lose sight of this understanding, I want to be there to remind them of this.

The most important thing is that TKD understands and know what goes on in our management/leadership group, and that our leaders understand and know that TKD is a whole, composed of very different, but essential parts. 

This is what I want to be a part of ensuring as a member of the Faculty board.

Picture of Helen EckersbergHelen Eckersberg

Adviser – at the Department of Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering (MEK)
Faculty Adminstration, Management Advisory Services, (Faculty’s staff). 

Relevant experience:

Previous work experience, particularly the nine years at NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education), is relevant regarding knowledge and high awareness of the university sector before I started at Oslo Metropolitan University. My field of work was recognition of international higher education, but I also had several other positions while at NOKUT:

  • Employer's Representative (deputy) in NOKUT’s board (on both Norwegian and international education)
  • Employer's Representative in NOKUT’s Employment Council
  • Board member in Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations (Akademikerne) at NOKUT.
  • International experience: lived and worked in Vietnam for three years.

My position within the administration and my day to day work at the department, contributes to a closer involvement in both technical administrative staff, as well as the academic staff. I wish to apply this unified perspective into the work in the Faculty Board. TKD is in constant development and I am very motivated to join the work ahead on a Faculty Board.

With the reintroduction of the Faculty Board* and the work to come regarding the university democracy NIBR (Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research) highlights one of NIBR’s recommendations when it comes to bringing both people and processes on different levels closer. This will contribute to the employees’ right to participation and cogovernance.

I will listen to my colleagues and bring perspectives to the forefront to the best of my ability. All in all, I wish to contribute to keeping the administrative perspective present in discussions of processes and decision-making. This will contribute to creating the best possible conditions for good teaching, research and communication.

I wish to contribute to an inclusive work environment, where respect and mutual exchange of knowledge and experience will lead to a cohesive development in the faculty.

I also wish to direct attention to the faculty’s sustainability and social responsibility, a focus I believe creates a more viable and ethical organisation.

*the hybrid solution that was chosen.

Picture of Marit SandvikMarit Sandvik

Adviser at the Department of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology (BE)
Faculty Administration, Management Advisory Services (Faculty's staff)


I am a candidate for the faculty board because I want to contribute in making TKD the best faculty to work at OsloMet as well as I would like to put a lot of efforts in creating favorable conditions to students to succeed in their studies.

I want to ensure transparent decision-making at TKD and fight for more democracy in the determination processes. As an administrative staff representative on the faculty board I want to focus on the administrative staff's perspective in the matters that are decided but not forget that there is a mutual dependency relationship between the administrative and scientific staff and I will work for decisions that improve everyone's everyday life. 

For me, it is important that we rig up TKD for the future and invest in the right study portfolio, good research- and learning environment and efficient work processes. Close cooperation and good communication between all staff will be important in achieving the faculty's goals. I want to help to establish good communication between the employees of TKD's administrative sections and staff at the different departments. I support OsloMet's strategies; internationalization and digitization and as an administrative staff representative on the faculty board, I will work to ensure that TKD achieves good results in these areas that will benefit both staff and students. 

My background and why choose me

Liberté, égalité, fraternité are keywords for the country where I have lived most of my adult life and where I have felt the driving force that is in change. I do not support any revolution but experience change as something positive. TKD is in a period of many changes and my knowledge of taking care of the human sides in change processes will benefit all employees. Happiness at work, a good job environment and seeing the individuals are all important factors to me.

Picture of Minyahel Muluneh YimerMinyahel Muluneh Yimer

Senior Admistrative Officer
Faculty Administration
Section for Academic Affairs and Internationalization.

Platform I stand:

I am standing as a candidate for the faculty board representing both the technical and administrative staff at faculty of technology, art and design at OsloMet.

About myself:

I grew up in Ethiopia and came to Norway in 2009 as a master student. After graduation I worked at Unicef Norway as a team leader for 5 years before joining OsloMet in 2018. Because of my background I can bring new perspectives and ideas to the issue important to the faculty.

I have worked at OsloMet for more than a year as a technical staff at faculty of health science and now as an administrative staff at TKD. Hence, though I am a candidate representing the student administration, it is important to stress that I would like to be a representative for both the technical
and administrative staff at TKD.

The introduction of faculty board body back again helps to closely look at local problems and provide contextualized solutions in a timely base. In this process the important issue to consider is the cooperation and synergy we develop in the faculty to achieve our common goals. I advocate for the principles of togetherness, openness and inclusiveness in dealing with issues at hand. Developing the “we culture” and good communication is the key for achieving our common goals. The prerequisite for this is developing the culture of openness in prioritizing areas of interests and clearly communicating with those affected by it.

The TA administration is there to ensure the teaching-learning process is undertaken according to the rules and regulations. And those rules and regulations on one hand, and the research and innovation on the other should be mutually dependent. This ensures equal treatment of the different cases that are to be dealt in the future. For that good communication is very important.

Picture of Olav-Johan ØyeOlav-Johan Øye

Senior Communications Adviser
Faculty Administration, Management Advisory Services
Long work experience as a communications adviser from university and college, directorates, humanitarian (non-governmental/voluntary) organizations, mostly related to technical specialist environments, but also specialist environments related to health sciences. 
Education in media science, journalism, PR and HR from University of Bergen, BI Norwegian Business School, Volda University College and University of Stavanger. 
Duty/experience from boards and committees, and other relevant experience:
I know OsloMet and the Norwegian university and college sector, and the Norwegian state administration well after many years. 
I have had these relevant duties and positions:
  • Safety deputy in the faculty administration (TKD).
  • Communication adviser in a humanitarian organization governed by an elected board, “Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen”.
  • Union official in a directorate (now a part of The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection).
  • Elected to central and local duties in voluntary organizations and a housing cooperative, for example “BUL Oslo”, “Noregs Ungdomslag” and “Dynekilgata 15 borettslag”.
My platform
I want to promote the democracy by contributing to distribution of suggestions and ideas from the employees to the faculty board, and to a good dialogue between the employees and the faculty board. Specifically, I want to:
  • Discuss faculty board matters with the employees in the faculty administration well in advance before the meetings, and try to make it easy to address matters. 
  • Take initiative to inform and ask employees when I see matters that can have consequences for them.
  • Ask questions on behalf of the employees. 
  • Contribute to good general information and communication related to the faculty board. 
  • Contribute to get into focus the administrative and technical employees’ work environment, and the cooperation between technical and administrative employees and scientific employees.  
  • Contribute to an inclusive OsloMet where boards and management listen to and see employees and students, with a small distance between employees and management.