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The journalist is calling

The journalist is often searching for knowledge about a case or a topic. Usually they are seeking a comment relating to news story or a current incident/problem or knowledge about your research area. Note that the journalist is calling on behalf of the ordinary man and woman.
  1. 1. Answer your phone! Find out who is calling and what it is all about.

    2. The angle. Ask the journalist about the angle of the story and who else they are going to interview.  Find out what the journalist wants from you.

    2. Am I the right person? Yes! Remember that you can comment on your area of expertise in a wide sense.

    3. Prepare! Tell the journalist that you want to check the facts and ask when he/she must have your feedback.

    4. Ask for a quote check. Correct any factual inaccuracies and if your name and title is correct, and that OsloMet is included.

    5. Spread the news article. Ask the journalist to send you a link to the article when it is published so that you may share it in social media.


    If you need help or advice, call one of the press contacts (link).