Jeg skal på TV! - Ansatt

I am going to be on TV

I am going to be on TV

For many people, being on television is scary. However, with some simple preparations, this is a great way to present important research and knowledge.


  1. Find out what type of television programme you are participating in. Is it an interview in a studio, a news report or a debate?  Is it live or recording? Ask how the interview will take place.
  2. Find the most important points you would like to stress in the interview.
  3. Focus a little bit on how you look, but be yourself!


  1. Do not think about the technical stuff.
  2. Do not look into the camera – look at the interviewer. Stand still – with both feet firmly on the ground.
  3. Keep it simple and use short sentences. Take initiative to present your points.
  4. Let them know if you need a break. Do not be afraid to ask the journalist what he/she  means when asking you a question.
  5. Remember that the camera is still rolling after the interview is finished.