Research funding

Research funding

Many research and innovation activities require additional funding. This can be covered by internal or external financing. Always contact your local research support if you plan to apply for internal or external funding.

Internal financing and support schemes

Internal financing and support schemes

  1. Internal support for research funding

  2. Internal announcements at the faculty / centre

  3. Scholarships for PhD students and postdocs

  4. Financial support for EU project development and positioning

  5. Open Access Funding

    While it is usually possible to make your work open access at no cost (‘green’ open access), it cannot always be made available immediately because of restrictions set by publishers. For immediate open access (or ‘gold’), many publishers require that an ‘article processing charge’ (APC) is paid. OsloMet Open Access Funding

  6. Application scheme: Support for EU project development towards SDG impact in Pilar II of Horizon Europe

    OsloMet’s Strategy 2024/Long term plan 2019-2021 states that “education and research shall support the Sustainable Development Goals”. For 2021 OsloMet's central R&D department will provide extra funding support for applicants to Horizon Europe with special focus on SDG impact. This is an additional support opportunity to PES/POS.

    Read more about the support scheme here: Support for EU project development towards SDG impact in Pilar II of Horizon Europe

  7. Call for Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) based at OsloMet

    OsloMets strategi 2024 identifiserer målet om å «Utvikle tre til fem fagmiljøer til å holde særlig høy kvalitet, hvorav minst ett av disse er innen teknologifag.»

    Derfor hadde OsloMet i 2020 en utlysning for akademiske miljøer ved universitetet for å søke om status som Centers of Research Excellence (CRE) for perioden 2021-2024. (informasjon kun på engelsk).

  8. Booster-prosjektet