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Student administration

Internationalisation in Education

On this page you will find procedures, news and other information about internationalisation at HiOA.

Procedure descriptions

Policy and strategy

The Section for Internationalisation 

Find out what we are working with and who is responsible for the different areas.

Certificate of International Learning (CIL)

The Certificate of International Learning (CIL) is an overview of all types of international activity the student has undertaken during his or her study period, whether abroad or at home. CIL should be a career tool for the student and at the same time a tool in HiOA's internationalisation work. The goal is that students on all of HiOA's study  programmes should eventually receive this offer.

Brochures and giveaways

Promotional material can be ordered by sending an email to

We have brochures, baggage tags and notepads.


Share and let yourself be inspired by stories about internationalisation in the employee group "The International List".

On the blog, Din utvekslingshistorie you can find travel reports, films etc from students on exchange. Tee films are also available on HiOA's YouTube channel. Make sure to check out the hashtag #hioautveksling on Instagram as well.

See HiOA's English Facebook page as well as the article series "My HiOA experience" for information about student life as an international student at HiOA. Also check out the English films at  HiOA's YouTube channel and #hioalife on Instagram.

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