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Research funding

Internal funding and support schemes

OsloMet can provide several internal funding and support schemes for research groups and researchers - both at the faculty /centre and centrally. The funding is meant to contribute to position and strengthen our research groups nationally and internationally.

Please do also take note of the numerous external funding schemes that serve the same purpose, see external funding opportunities.

Relevant internal announcements at the faculty / centre

Relevant internal announcements centrally

  1. Strategy funding from the R&D committee
  2. Call for Excellent Academic Environments (EAE) based at OsloMet 
  3. Seed funding
  4. Opportunities abroad (overseas scholarships and stays abroad)
  5. Internationalisation funding
  6. Open Access

Strategy funding from the R&D committee

The R&D committee is annually announcing central strategy funding to which UF employees at OsloMet may apply. Relevant activities in previous announcements include publishing scholarships and support for the preparation of applications for external funding.

Call for Excellent Academic Environments (EAE) based at OsloMet

OsloMets strategy 2024 identifies the goal of "developing three to five academic environments of particularly high quality, at least one of them in technology subjects."

We hereby announce a call for academic environments based at OsloMet to apply for status as Excellent Academic Environment (EAE) for the period 2021-2024. 

Seed funding

The research programmes (HOV and Storby) are normally announcing funding meant for research projects at OsloMet in their initial phase as well as activities that contribute to build new interdisciplinary research. All UF employees at OsloMet may apply for seed funding.

Employees at all faculties /centres at OsloMet may apply for seed money, as long as the application is relevant to HOV’s research field.

Opportunities abroad

  • Overseas scholarships for PhD and postdocs. OsloMet offers overseas scholarships in order to stimulate increased international research experience and to encourage the academic environments’ involvement in international research networks. Who will be entitled to the scholarships may vary, see Overseas Scholarships 2017.
  • Through the Erasmus+ Programme, staff members may apply for a grant to visit a partner institutions or another institution in Europe.

    The grant can be used for teaching or training purposes. The application deadlines are 15 May, 15 October and 15 February.

Internationalisation funding

Internationalisation funding from the R&D section. OsloMet offers support to environments who wish to position themselves internationally and to seek EU’s research programmes. The offer is managed by the R&D section.

Open Access

Both Norwegian and international research funders require that the research must be available on the internet. The results must be published in Open Access, whether by depositing (self-archiving) the article in the open archive or by publishing directly in Open Access journals.

If you wish to publish in Open Access journals, but lack the money for the publishing expenses (article processing charge - APC), you may apply for funding for the payment of the publication fee.


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