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Project management / Project model

The implementation phase

The aim of this phase is to produce and complete the agreed deliveries in accordance with the plans and strategies presented in the project plan.


During the implementation phase the project often has to deal with unforeseen events and thus update plans along the way. Project deliveries must be received and accepted by the line where the profits are to be reaped.

In the implementation phase, the project manager must:

  • Coordinate and delegate tasks
  • Provide monthly reports on the progress towards achieving goals (time, resources, user involvement and profits).
  • Handle stakeholders
  • Contribute in ensuring continuous anchorage and facilitate profit realisation in collaboration with the project owner
  • Ensure that deliveries are completed at the right level of quality and that they are approved for reception in the line.
  • Ensure that deliveries are transferred to the line
  • Ensure that the project provides adequate training when transferring deliveries to the line

The project manager reports to the project owner on the 30th of each month, starting with the month following the project start-up. If the project is part of the project portfolio, the portfolio office must receive a copy of the monthly report.

The implementation phase is completed when the project owner has approved project deliveries (BP3) in accordance with the project plan.


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