Helse, miljø og sikkerhet - Ansatt

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment


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Key players in the HSE work

Key players in the daily HSE work are AKAN resources, The Working Environment Committee (WEC), local working environment committee (LWEC), The Occupational Health Service (BHT), Unit for HSE and HSE coordinators and Safety delegates/the safety service.

Health and environment

Health and environment covers the relationship between working environment and health in the workplace, as well as how HiOA respects the external environment.


Safety includes areas as emergency preparedness, fire safety, data security, information about defibrillators, laboratory and workshop work, trips (work outside HiOA). The page links out to Safety at HiOA (sikresiden.no).

System description for HSE

The HSE guide at HiOA describes role distribution in the systematic HSE work and how this work should proceed based on the principle of continuous improvement.