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How to publish Open Access

How to publish Open Access

In Open Access you can choose between two different ways when publishing, Green or Gold.

There are two types of Open Access publishing:

1 Making the material available by self-archiving – "Green" Open Access

You have already published an article in a peer reviewed journal, following the OsloMet Open Access policy by making a copy of the publication available in the OsloMet Science Archive ODA by uploading it to Cristin.

The version archived in ODA is usually your latest manuscript draft, following the peer-review but ahead of publication. Most publishing houses permit some kind of self-archiving.

The University Library discusses the rights of open publishing with the individual publisher.

2 Open Access publishing – ”Gold" Open Access

You publish your article directly in an open, peer-reviewed journal or book series.

How to publish gold Open Access

  1. Find an Open Access journal within your subject area
  2. Do you need money for the article processing charge (APC) or book processing charge (BPC)? Or for the storage of open research data?  OsloMet will cover your Open Access  publication fees.
  3. Finish by depositing / uploading your article in Cristin.

Launch an OA journal or change an existing journal into Open Access

The University Library offers a platform for publishing Open Access journals. Do you wish to start a new journal or change from printed to digital publishing? Read more about how to launch an OA journal.