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Tools and support

IT Support / Wireless network

Guidelines for using the wireless network

Information about eduroam and the conditions for the use of wireless network at OsloMet.

What is eduroam?

eduroam is a federation of educational institutions worldwide offering internet connection to its members.

Students, researchers and employees may log on to the wireless network with their ordinary username and password at all the participating educational institutions in the federation.

eduroam-logoYou can also use eduroam at most airports in Norway. Read more about eduroam at airports.

LoginID to eduroam

Select "eduroam" in the list of networks on your mobile device.

  • Username:
  • Password: OsloMet password.

See example:

  • For students: s+student, e.g.
  • For staff:, e.g.

The reason for login ID "" is that you must identify yourself as a student at the OsloMet — Oslo Metropolitan University, if you are at other educational institutions with access to eduroam.

Since all eduroam-enabled users must have a wireless network called eduroam, you will be able to automatically connect to the network without having to create own wireless connections and settings on your computer.

For secure login – download the eduroam certificate

Download the eduroam profile with certificate for a secure logon to the eduroam network _without_ being connected to the Wi-Fi network on your mobile device.

  1. Connect to the wireless network "OsloMet Guest" via link:
  2. Select: "If you need to setup your client for eduroam click here" in the browser. See the screenshot below.
  3. Select the appropriate institution (OsloMet) and operating system.
  4. When on campus, connect your device to the wireless network "eduroam" for a secure logon on OsloMet after the download

See the screenshot below for how to connect to the wireless network "OsloMet Guest".

Screenshot: Click on the link If you need to setup your client for eduroam click here

Show consideration

The bandwidth of the wireless network is limited in comparison with wired networks. Different types of file sharing programmes may especially have unfortunate effects on the quality of the connection for others connected to Eduroam nearby.


File sharing is not allowed on the OsloMet network. File sharing is in violation of the Security instructions at OsloMet.

If your wireless computer has a virus, computer worm, participates in botnet, file sharing  or in any other way creates problems for others, your computer will be blacklisted and you will no longer be able to connect to the wireless network.

The Department of ICT will always send an e-mail to the person involved so that the problems may be solved and the blacklisting cancelled.

Use of eduroam at other educational institutions

Students and staff at Oslo Metropolitan University will be able to log on to eduroam at other educational institutions by using "".

Visitors from other educational institutions participating in eduroam will be able to connect to eduroam at OsloMet’s wireless network by using the username and password they use at their educational institution.

On airports

Most Avinor operated airports in Norway have implemented eduroam.

Students and employees at OsloMet who are travelling can use the wireless network eduroam at airports operated by Avinor.

The service is provided by UNINETT in cooperation with Avinor.

More about Eduroam

For more information on Eduroam and the participating institutions, see and