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Free software

Free software

A list of recommended software and tools you can use for free.

          • Anti virus

          • Design

          • File sharing

            • Cyberduck (Windows/Mac) - an easy file sharing application.
            • Transmit (Mac) - file sharing application.
          • Multimedia

          • Office tools, e-mail and reference management

            • Google Accounts (Web Interface) - Create a free e-mail account, access to cloud storage, produce various types of documents (Office tools), Google+ profile, YouTube profile etc.
            • LibreOffice (Windows/ Mac/Linux) - Office tools to write documents, create spreadsheets and presentations.
            • Lingofy (Web Interface) - free cloud service  for students. For checks for spelling, style, word usage and proper names in languages bokmål, nynorsk and English. Registration for students. Note! Free access for students.
            • Open Office (Windows/Mac) - Office tools to write documents, create spreadsheets and presentations.
            • Thunderbird email client (Windows/Mac/Linux) - A free email client. 
          • Operating systems

            • Ubuntu (Windows/Mac/Linux) - An operating system based on the Linux kernel.
          • Project management tools

            10 Free Project Management Applications (Website) - Choose among various project software/tools.

          • Surveys, forms and feedback tools

            • MonkeySurvey (Web Interface) - Basic version is free, but for more features PRO version requires payment.
            • Nettskjema (Web Interface) - To create surveys and registration forms, distribute, export and see results from your surveys (operated by UiO).
            • WUFOO (Web Interface) - A free tool for creating entry forms.
          • Web publishing and programming

            • BlueGriffon (Windows/Mac/Linux) – Web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG. Open source, cross-platform editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox.
            • CodeAcademy (Windows/Mac) - Learn to code with JavaScript, HTML/CSS, JQuery. How to create webpages with JavaScript and HTML/CSS and learn basic programming.
            • Jetbrains (Web Interface) - Learn how-to code using Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Objective-C or .NET technologies.
            • Thimble (Windows/Mac) - An easy-to-use web development web application. Building websites with HTML/CSS in Firefox browser.

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