Research funding

Research funding

Many research and innovation activities require additional funding. This can be covered by internal or external financing. Always contact your local research support if you plan to apply for internal or external funding.

Research Council

Research Council

  1. Application types

    Find information about the Research Council's ( seven different application types and which type is suitable for your project.


    STUD-ENT is the Research Council's national competition arena where students in collaboration with higher education institutions can apply for project support for student-driven business ideas. The scheme is intended for young people at the beginning of their careers who want to test their own entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial skills.

    Student Entrepreneurship STUD-ENT

  3. Industrial ph.d. scheme and public sector ph.d. scheme

    Companies seeking to enhance their research expertise and activity may apply for funding for a doctoral project. For more information: Industrial Ph.D. scheme – Doctoral projects in industry (

    Employers in the public sector may apply for funding under the Public Sector Ph.D. scheme for employees seeking to pursue a doctoral degree. The doctoral project must be of clear relevance to the entity’s area of responsibility. For more information: Public Sector Ph.D. scheme (

  4. Events / Courses

    The Research Council has a number of courses and events all year round to increase the knowledge and competence of both researchers and research administrative staff. See the Research Council's event calendar ( for more information

  5. National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure

    The National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure at the Research Council seeks to build up relevant, up-to-date infrastructure that is accessible to the Norwegian research community and trade and industry. New infrastructure contributes to research and innovation at the international forefront in areas of importance for Norwegian society, such as environment-friendly energy, technology for future Norwegian industrial products, and improved health.

    Read more about INFRASTRUKTUR on the Research Council's website. (