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File transfer from Windows

WinSCP is a free file transfer programme for Windows.

1. Download WinSCP (personal PC)

If you wish to install the programme on you personal computer: Download WinSCP.

2. Install WinSCP (HiOA-PC)

If your OsloMet PC lacks WinSCP,  you may install it yourself through the Software Center via the Windows menu.

Follow the instructions for installing software on a OsloMet PC.

Do the following:

  1. Go to the Windows icon down-right on your PC.
  2. Click on the Software Center icon.
  3. Search for "WinSCP" and click on the icon for the software.
  4. On the page for WinSVP - click on "Install".

This is how the download page looks like through  the Software Center Application catalogue, see  the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde: Install WinSCP fra Software Center

Step 1

WinSCP Login:

  • File protocol:<select SFTP>
  • Host name: <file server name> E.g.:
    Find your file server (
  • Port number: <type in: 22>
  • User name <enter your HiOA username>
  • Password: <enter your HiOA password>
  • Click Save...
Skjermbilde: winscp_1

Step 2

  • Under Protocol options -> Preferred SSH protocol version: <Select the number 2>
  • Click Save...

Step 3

The dialogue box  «Warning» will show. 

You will only get asked this the first time you log on.

  • Click Yes to save host key.

Step 4

You have now entered your home directory and you have access to your files. You can move files by dragging and dropping.

  • Left window: files locally on your computer.
  • Right window:  the files on your home directory.