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File transfer for Linux

There are numerous file transfer programmes for Linux users. Here is a brief introduction to the shell command SFTP.

Step 1

To connect to the server, write:

  • «sftp username@servername», e.g.: sftp
  • Find your file server ( – administration of IT user account)
Skjermbilde: Installere SFTP på Linux

Step 2

You will be asked to approve the key: RSA key fingerprint.

  • Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?
  • Type: Yes
  • Press Enter to approve the RSA key. You will only be asked to do this the first time you log on to a server.
Skjermbilde: Installere SFTP på Linux 2

Step 3

Enter the password

  • Password : <enter HiOA password> . The same password you use when you log on to your employee or student computer.
  • Press Enter
Skjermbilde: Installere SFTP på Linux 3

Step 4

You may now use the regular shell commands to navigate on the home directory and to move files.

  • Use the command Get to download files.
  • Use the command Put to upload files.
  • For more information, type sftp in a terminal window.
Skjermbilde: Installere SFTP på Linux 4

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