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Erasmus + programme 2014-2020

Erasmus + programme 2014-2020

Erasmus + is the EU programme to support education, training, youth and sports in Europe. This is the parallel to the EU's Horizon 2020 research programme. Both programmes support actions contributing to the EU's strategy for growth and employment.

The National action plan for Norwegian participation within the educational scheme of Erasmus + follows up on the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research's strategic goal of increasing the participation in Erasmus + on a national level.

OsloMet enhances this goal through Strategy 2024, stating that we will increase participation significantly in international education and research cooperation, especially related to EU programmes.

The Erasmus + programme comprises all levels of education from kindergarten to adult education. The programme focuses on quality in education and training, innovation, digitilisation and the link between education, research and working life, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Each year, the calls for proposals cover various types of international cooperation activities that may include students, staff, education and training institutions, as well as stakeholders representing employers.

Overview of the most common Erasmus + calls prioritized by OsloMet

Erasmus + mobility grants for students

The Erasmus + Team in the university administration applies for funding on behalf of OsloMet, and allocates grants to students.

Erasmus + mobility grants for staff members

The Erasmus + Team in the university administration applies for funding on behalf of OsloMet, and allocates grants to staff members through three internal calls per year.

Erasmus + projects calls

Your academic environment can apply for funding for different types of project cooperation.  The common denominator is that support is awarded to international projects , with a project period of 2-3 years, that increase the quality of education. You will find calls for everything from small projects to large network projects. The application deadline is once a year.

 You as an employee can apply for funding within these calls. It is however very important to include your academic environment, and to have a process firmly rooted at the departmental and faculty level.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Academic environments can apply for funding for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, which aims to provide a joint study programme of high excellence. The application deadline is once a year.

Contact the Erasmus+ Team

Contact the Erasmus+ Team