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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Erasmus + Knowledge Alliances

Medium to large projects focusing on international cooperation between higher education institutions and companies that develop joint solutions to common challenges.

Priorities of Erasmus + Knowledge Alliances

Innovation and entrepreneurship in education.

Who can participate?

  • Minimum six partners. Of these, at least two partners must be higher education institutions and at least two must be businesses.
  • The partners must come from at least three different programme countries (EU, EFTA, Turkey and Macedonia).
  • One of the partners coordinates the application and potentially the project.
  • If your academic environment does not have experience with this type of project, you may want to start as a partner, not as a coordinator.

Duration of the project

The projects can last from 2 to 3 years.

What can you apply for?

Project development support (PES

  • If you wish to develop a project application within the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances scheme, you can apply for project development support (PES) from Diku.
  • The announcement of the call for proposals and the application vary from year to year, you will find more information on Diku's website

Funding for Erasmus + Knowledge Alliances

  • You can apply for support to develop new teachings methods, to organise continuing education programmes with companies, introducing entrepreneurship in education, testing innovative methods in education, meetings, and workshops.

How do you apply?

  • The call for proposals is announced once a year, usually in October.
  • The coordinating institution applies for funding within the deadline.
  • The application deadline is usually at the end of February.
  • Please see the websites of Diku and the EU Commission for more information about the application procedures.
  • Contact the Erasmus + Team in the university administration.
  • If you plan to coordinate a project application, we recommend that you to participate in Diku’s application seminar.
  • Register the application in P360.