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Our OsloMet

Competence development / The OsloMet Academy


Here you will find different e-learning courses that you can take just when it suits you!

For you as a new employee

Fire protection and physical protection - e-learning course

As an OsloMet employee you are required to complete the mandatory course in fire protection (e-learning 3-5 min).

ICT training

All new employees at OsloMet may complete the digital ICT course.

Å starte i staten

Difis's course: "Å starte i staten" ("to start in the state") is an e-learning course that provides a quick introduction to basic management skills.

For you as a manager

Are you a new manager?

"Ta Sats" is an e-learning course about the manager role, a manger's workday and leadership in a state context. Through reflection tasks and training on key challenges and dilemmas, you get help to find your own path for your leadership.

Data protection for managers

Increase your understanding of a manger's data protection responsibility and of why it is smart to take data protection seriously.

The difficult conversation

The course offers realistic digital conversation training with different colleagues about common challenges.

Digital tool for manager groups

How to bridge the gap between wanted and real behaviour?  The tool "Helt sjef" may be used in manager groups of at least four persons.

Case procedures and legislation

The Public Administration Act

"Får Walter lov?" is an e-learning course in the Public Administration Act. Here you learn the key principles of the Act so as to ensure appropriate case procedures and the legal protection of citizens.

Administration ethics 

"Etikk for Walter" is an e-learning course in administration ethics.  This course is a guide for manoeuvring the the ethical landscape and helps to put the ethical guidelines on the agenda. As employees in the public sector  we depend on trust and we want transparent case procedures.

Freedom of Information Act

The e-learning journal "Innsyn" provides an insight into the Freedom of Information Act, and on how to practice publicity and handle access to information claims.

Collaboration and participative decision making - for managers and safety delegates

The online course provides competency in collaboration and participative decision-making in state enterprises. The training should enhance collaboration skills and participative decision-making and is aimed at managers, safety delegates and HR/personnel.

Communication and languages

Introductory course in nynorsk

Are you less confident when writing in nynorks? The online course "Oj, på nynorsk" provides tools that help you use nynork in a confident way in your everyday work life. 

Clear language in the state

Who are we actually writing for in the state and municipalities? How can we write in such a way that the recipient understands? The e-learning course "Den gylne pennen" provides an introduction to the most important clear language techniques. Through tasks and examples you practice how to write so that the recipient understands.

Universal design

Do you want to know how to get a universal design of text, photo or video?  This is an e-learning course for wed directors and writers.

Finance, purchases and procurements

Public procurements

"Jakten på den gode anskaffelsen" is an e-learning course in the procurement process. Here you follow the purchases Nils from the first procurements until he, as a more experiences purchaser, is assigned greater responsibilities. 

In the e-learning course "Hvordan unngå sosial dumping i offentlige anskaffelser?"  ("how to avoid social dumping in public procurements") you meet the purchaser Nadir who faces issues with social dumping in public procurements.

SAP portal (demonstration videos)