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Digital Mail Dispatchment

Mail for private persons is now dispatched electronically via Public 360. During the spring of 2016, collaboration partners will also be able to sign letters to HiOA electronically.

Secure digital mail (Digipost)

Since March 2016  digital mail has been the primary channel for mail dispatch from HiOA to private individuals. This means that mail to students, employees and others goes via Public 360 and is then dispatched digitally to their digital mailbox. As of today, 1 million of Norway's inhabitants has such a mailbox. To increase that number, we all have a responsibility to encourage employees and students to create a private digital mailbox.

HiOA uses Bring's click  and deliver service so that letters to people without digital mailboxes will be sent out in paper to the address listed in HiOA's system. Returnd mail has nothing to do with the Digipost solution, but is rather due to a non updated address.

Electronic signature

SDI (Section for Records and Information Management) is an interface with the IT port and Difi’s new electronic signature solution, which will allow external teachers (among others) to sign employment contracts and other binding agreements electronically.

Process support

SDI collaborates with several other actors to create solutions for efficient management of documentation flow by using screens and good electronic process support solutions.