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Digital collaboration

Digital collaboration

Below you will find an overview of some key digital collaboration tools for sharing information. Which tool is most suitable to use depends on who you collaborate with and the need for documentation.


Box - cloud storage and sharing

  • Storing documents in Box provides full version history, but without the backup guaranteed by OsloMet.
  • The documents in Box are available when you are online, but it is also possible to work and store documents offline.
  • You can synchronize folders and files with mobile devices and computers using Box Sync.
  • There are advanced options for sharing folders, files and documents both internally and externally.
  • Box is not suitable for sensitive information and archive worthy material.

Accessing Box

Log in with Feide and accept the terms of use to begin using Box.


Learn more about Box here - Get started with these tutorials showing how to share folders and files and synchronise with computers. Learn about storage, backup and version history.

Groups in Office 365

Anyone can create a group in Office 365 to collaborate and interact, for example on a project. Groups can be created regardless of affiliation and whether you are an employee or a student.

Read more: Groups in Office 365.

Groups in Office 365 are not suitable storing locations for sensitive information.

Digital Collaboration Tools

The section for documentation and information management offers a range of collaboration tools like project rooms, research rooms and collaboration rooms.

  • The tools are intended both for internal use at HiOA and for collaboration with external users and partners.
  • The tools facilitate cooperation in various forms like administrative projects, research, projects, internal and external collaboration and sharing of documents / files.

A. Research Area

Are you a group of scientists who collaborate with other researchers and external institutions?

  • The research room allows you to store and share documents in one place. The documents are easily accessible to everyone working with them.
  • Sensitive documents and files are stored in a secure manner with access control and version control of sensitive data.
  • Communication, time management and task monitoring gets easier with the functionality of this tool.

B. Project Room

Will your work with internal or external partners be project based?

  • A project rooms helps you with storing and sharing documents and with communication in the project. It makes it easier to plan the time management of work.

C. The Collaboration room

Are you a section, a department or a group and need to produce, store and share files and documents with each other?

  • The collaboration room helps you with simple and safe storage and sharing of documents
  • With the collaboration room, you get an overview of your information, your planned and completed activities and tasks and of the communication in the group.

Contact Us

Do you want to know more about the functionality of the tools and whether they are suitable for your work? Do not hesitate to contact! We assist you with advice on functionality and adaptation of tools to meet the needs of your group.

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