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Description of the function of technical fire adviser

The fire technical adviser should contribute to the systematic work to protect the buildings and the enterprise against fire, and provide external technical and professional advice to the administrative fire safety adviser and the university management and units.

The technical fire adviser in the Department of Facility Management – Section for Technical Operations/Maintenance. The fire technical adviser must have a deputy.

Responsibility and role

  • Implementing and following up procedures in the fire safety work
  • Following up the documentation requirements in the systematic fire protection work
  • Ensuring that the technical fire documentation is up to date
  • Ensuring that own operation personnel tasked with handling alarms and accidents have sufficient knowledge and skills
  • Being in contact with the security guard and alarm central during ordinary working hours
  • The technical fire adviser is the administrative fire safety adviser's deputy


The technical fire adviser must have the necessary competence to carry out his/her duties. This includes knowledge of building parts, installations and equipment in the buildings and requirements for upgrades. The technical fire adviser must also be familiar with the regulatory framework for combustible and reactive substances, fire risk, organisational factors and the fire services’ efforts.

Main duties

  • Ensuring that the division of labour agreed with the owner is followed up and that technicians are familiar with what it is
  • Controlling and maintaining building parts and safety equipment in cooperation with the owner
  • Informing the owner of changes, decay and damage to the building or safety equipment that can have a bearing on fire safety
  • Implementing necessary and planned repair and renovation work
  • Reporting and keeping the administrative fire safety adviser continuously informed of important circumstances that are relevant to the owner's responsibility in the systematic fire safety work
  • Assisting in planning, execution and follow-up of risk assessments in cooperation with the administrative fire safety adviser
  • Avoiding unnecessary fire risk and ensuring that the emergency exits maintain their function, including that the exits are not obstructed. Inspections/assessments are to be documented
  • Participating in announced inspections in the fire safety area
  • Implementing compensatory measures if building parts, equipment or systems that are of material importance to the fire safety are disabled
  • Following up fire incidents in cooperation with the property owner and units, and ensuring registration in the non-conformity system
  • Following up fire incidents in cooperation with the administrative fire safety adviser, fire zone coordinator, the emergency preparedness organisation and the units
  • Ensuring that zone coordinators and relevant managers are informed about shortcomings in the fire safety
  • Being the contact person for the fire services in the event of incidents


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