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Health, Safety and Environment / Safety / Fire safety

Description of the function of fire zone coordinator

Fire zone coordinator at the Department of Facility Management – Section for Technical Operations/Maintenance.

Responsibility and roles

The fire zone coordinators are to be a link between the fire protection organisation and the zone coordinators in the ongoing work with fire protection, and ensure information and training in the work on fire prevention.


The fire zone coordinator must have the necessary competence to carry out their duties. This includes knowledge about the buildings and the university’s fire prevention work.

Main duties

  • Establishing zone plans for each floor and building, and informing faculties and other units about this organisation
  • Maintaining an overview over zone coordinators in every building, including ensuring that
    • the overview is up to date at all times
    • the zone coordinators are familiarised with their zone
  • Following up the appointment of zone coordinators with good dialogue with the line organisation
  • Ensuring training of zone coordinators in cooperation with the administrative fire safety adviser
  • Developing and maintaining the information material for zone coordinators in cooperation with the administrative fire safety adviser
  • Facilitating good cooperation between units in the building in cooperation with the fire safety organisation
  • Informing the zone coordinators in advance of evacuation drills
  • Contributing to the evaluation and follow-up of evacuations in cooperation with the administrative fire safety adviser

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