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Description of the function of administrative fire safety adviser

Description of the function of administrative fire safety adviser

The administrative fire safety adviser has the overall responsibility for fire safety and is to support the university management and units and ensure a well-functioning fire safety organisation.

The administrative fire safety adviser in the Department of Facility Management – Section for Technical Operations/Maintenance. The technical fire adviser is the administrative fire safety adviser's deputy.

Responsibility and roles

  • Ensuring that the enterprise has a satisfying and up-to-date fire safety management system
  • Ensuring well-organised cooperation with HSE and other security areas
  • Ensuring cooperation with property owners
  • Coordinating and planning measures to meet the requirements in the applicable legislation
  • Coordinating and planning fire drills, evacuation drills and technical drills
  • Organising appropriate collection of zone cards in an evacuation situation
  • Ensuring that the information concerning fire safety on the university website is kept up to date
  • Being the primary point of contact vis-a-vis authorities in the fire safety area


The administrative fire protection adviser must have the necessary competence to carry out his/her duties, with particular focus on regulatory framework, risk management and organisational factors. This includes knowledge of requirements concerning coordination with owners.

Main duties

  • Establishing necessary coordination agreements with property owners that ensure
    • communication and exchange of information between user and owner
    • that the requirements concerning fire safety are complied with
    • that user and owner honour the agreements
  • Developing annual plans for the fire safety work
  • Carrying out risk assessment at the central level and maintaining an overview of the most important risks identified
  • Reporting and continuously informing the management about important conditions relevant to the systematic fire safety work, including an active role in ensuring follow-up in practice
  • Ensuring good dialogue with the line organisation to implement the fire safety guidelines
  • Organising fire drills
  • Providing feedback to the users of the building after an evacuation situation
  • Case processing and participating in fire supervision
  • Developing procedures
    • that ensure that the building is used in accordance with the applicable fire safety requirements
    • for evacuation and rescue in the event of fire
    • that ensure that staff and other users of the building have the necessary knowledge and skills in preventing and fighting fires
    • for registration and handling of non-conformities in order to uncover, rectify and prevent shortcomings in the systematic fire safety work


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