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Tools and support

IT Support / Wireless network

Delete the eduroam profile

If you have trouble accessing the wireless network "eduroam" with your Windows PC or Mac on OsloMet, try deleting the eduroam profile on your device.


How to delete the eduroam profile on Windows 10

Private PC:

The Windows 10 operating system may have trouble updating your OsloMet password.

Solution: You must delete the other eduroam profile so you can access eduroam at OsloMet.


How to delete the eduroam profile on Windows 10

1. From the Start menu: Go to Settings > Network & Internet

2. Select "Wi-Fi" on the left.

3. Select the network "Eduroam" on the right.

4. Click on "Manage Wi-Fi settings".

See the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde i Win10 for å velge Manage Wi-Fi Settings for å slette eduroam-profil.

5. Manage Wi-Fi-settings

  1. Scroll down and click on: "eduroam"
  2. Click the button: Forget

Skjermbilde i Win10 for å velge Forget under Manage known networks for å slette eduroam-profil.

6. Update the password

  • Please update to your new OsloMet password for Eduroam in the Wi-Fi-settings on Windows 10 as shown above.

7. Connect to Wi-Fi Eduroam.

How to delete Eduroam profile on Mac

Private Mac:

If your Mac computer have an eduroam profile from another educational institution, this profile may cause problems for your computer to connect to eduroam at OsloMet.

Solution: You must delete the other eduroam profile so you can access eduroam at OsloMet.


How to delete the eduroam profile on Mac OS

1. Go to System Preferences

  1. Go to the Apple icon in the upper left of the screen.
  2. Select: System Preferences ...
  3. Select: Profiles

See screenshot below for System Preferences > Profiles.

Skjermbilde for System Preferences under Profiles.

2. Profiles

  1. Click on / activate the "HiOA-eduroam" profile as shown in the screenshot below.
  2. To delete the profile: Click on the minus [-] button at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot below showing which profiles are stored under Profiles including "HiOA-eduroam" profile.

Skjermbilde for Profiler under Profiles.


3. Deleting the eduroam profile

  1. You are then asked: Are you sure you want to remove the profile "HiOA-eduroam"?
  2. Click on: Remove
Skjermbilde for å slette en profil under Profiles.

4. Administrator access to your computer

You must enter the administrator username and password for your computer, to be able to confirm the deletion of the profile.

  • Username: Your administrator username for your Mac computer
  • Password: Your administrator password for your Mac computer
Skjermbilde for admin-brukernavn og passord på din Mac.

5. Connect to Wi-Fi / eduroam on Mac.