The coronavirus at OsloMet

Here you can find relevant information about the coronavirus and how it can affect your work life.

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  1. Is campus open?

  2. Can I work from the office?

    As a general rule, employees now have the office as their place of work, but an agreement can be made about home office with your immediate supervisor. The units must facilitate for a sound operation, in order to prevent many employees being on sick leave at the same time.

    See the Health Directorate's guide about the coronavirus (in Norwegian).

  3. Do I have to wear a face mask on campus?

    It is recommended to use a face mask in situations where it is not possible to keep a one-meter distance.

    The government has given an exception from the distance requirement in instruction.

  4. What are the rules for instruction and exams?

    OsloMet is now changing to more physical instruction.

    For the time being all exams this semester will continue as planned, but OsloMet is continuously assessing the situation based on the authorities’ advice.

    Work placement will continue as planned.

  5. Do we still have an increased quota for care leave?

    During the pandemic the number of care leave ("sick children leave") has been doubled. This applies for 2021.

    For 2021 the number of days you have the right to care leave pay is:

    • One or two children: 20 days, or 40 if you are a single parent.
    • Three or more children: 30 days, or 60 days if you are a single parent.

    If you do not live with the other parent, and there is an agreement of divided residence in place, both parents get 20 or 30 days each, depending on how many children you have.

    Even if the maximum number of days of care leave pay has been used, the employee may still have the right to receive care allowance beyond the quota if:

    • schools and kindergartens are closed due to infection spread
    • the child must be kept home from school or kindergarten because of special infection control considerations with the child or a family member that lives with the child.

    This rule applies until 31 December 2021.

    In case the quota is spent, you may use vacation days or take time off without pay. You can also use any flexible hours you have retained.

  6. Are we allowed to have events on campus?

    The one-meter rule still applies, but there are no longer any number restrictions on events. The one-meter rule also still applies at meetings.

    See the Health Directorate's guide for events (in Norwegian).

  7. Who do I notify if I am infected with covid-19?

    If you receive confirmation that you are infected with covid-19, we ask that you notify your immediate supervisor. The notification should be made orally, as the information is sensitive. Follow the health service's order on quarantine, isolation, etc.

    Notification routines in case of infection

  8. Can I travel?

    Keep updated about international travel regulations at

    All employees must follow OsloMet's travel policy.

  9. Infection prevention

  10. Do you need equipment?

    What kind of furniture can be ordered?

    • a standard office chair
    • a standard lowering/lifting desk (120 x 70 cm) 

    The costs for the service are charged to OsloMet centrally.

    Do you need computer equipment? Read more about that below.

    How to order

    • Contact your manager and report your needs.
    • Send in the order via the property department's user service (currently only in Norwegian) after your manager has allowed you to order delivery.
    • If you need to get the furniture delivered to your home, pleas enter your full address and phone number. This information will be given to the moving agency.

    Pick up or delivery services

    • You can pick up the furniture in Pilestredet 46 or at campus
    • You will be notified when the delivery is ready for pick up.
    • If you do not have access to a car or opportunity to get it yourself, you may have the furniture delivered to your home.
    • Delivery is only possible to addresses within a reasonable distance from campus, namely the Oslo or Romerike area. We do not deliver to areas further away, such as Hadeland, Moss or Tønsberg.
    • The costs for the service are charged to OsloMet centrally.

    How is it delivered?

    • The furniture is delivered at your front door. If you live in an apartment building, please assist the moving people with opening the front door of the building.
    • You must be home at the scheduled delivery time. This is to prevent the furniture being stolen, ruined or removed and to prevent the movers from being delayed.
  11. Are you missing the informal chats with your colleagues?

    With home offices a lot of the informal contact between colleagues have disappeared. Learn some tips about how you can maintain contact with your colleagues (currently only in Norwegian).

  12. What have the students been told?

    See the corona web page for students ( to see what information has been sent to OsloMets students.