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Culture and welfare / Exercise

Conditions for exercising during working hours

All employees at OsloMet are given the opportunity to exercise during working hours.
  1. All employees in a 50% position or more may spend up to one hour a week exercising during working hours.
  2. Your opportunity to exercise during working hours is subject to your immediate manager’s permission - also with regard to time. Only in exceptional cases will you be allowed to exercise during core hours (09.00 - 14.30).
  3. The workout must either start or end at the workplace. (You may of course walk to / from the fitness center).
  4. The hour set aside for exercising must be taken advantage during the week in question and cannot be saved up.
  5. The period of exercise is considered as spare time with regards to occupational injury compensation and insurances, and is done at your own risk.
  6. The standards are not too high when it comes to what is considered as exercise. Exercise means some kind of physical activity. It would for example be okay to spend the hour walking to or from the workplace. The activities are adapted to the individual.
  7. You may exercise on your own or together with others. Exercising with other employees is regarded as a working environment-promoting and we encourage this.


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