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Project management / Project model

The concept phase

In this phase one considers alternative solutions starting from an idea or an identified need. This can be done through discussions, mapping activities or a pre-project.

This is the phase that precedes the establishment of a formal project. This is why nobody formally holds the role of project owner or project manager at this point. 

Decision point 1 (BP1)

The concept phase forms the basis for the preparation of a project proposal and ends when the project proposal has been approved. At this point the project owner is determined. The project owner is in turn responsible for finding a project manager.

If the project meets one or more of the portfolio criteria, the rector decides decision point 1 on recommendation from Tjenesterådet.

The portfolio criteria:

  • The project has a duration of more than 6 months
  • The project requires resources beyond the concerned unit (especially scarce resources such as IT, SK, procurements and continuous faculty participation).
  • The project has a budget of more than NOK 1.5 million (internal labour costs not included).
Deadline for project proposals
Project proposals for large and medium-sized projects initiating the following year must be submitted by 1 July.
See the portfolio management websites for more information.




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