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Our OsloMet

Our OsloMet

Campus Lillestrøm

The board has decided to develop a new campus for OsloMet in Lillestrøm. The rental agreement at Kjeller will expire in 2023, and the areas will be replaced by a new campus centrally located in Lillestrøm.

Inquiries are going on to explore the possibility of relocating Campus Kjeller to Lillestrøm. The inquiries involve two parallel processes:

  1. Work to find an appropriate location in Lillestrøm city centre (requirement specification for construction / location).
  2. Work on developing an academic profile for the new campus in Lillestrøm.

The two processes of location and academic profile will be closely linked. The academic profile process will be a subproject delegated to one of the four faculties. Specific options for academic content will be discussed at the rector's manager meetings, and processes will be held at the individual faculty and research centre.

Statsbygg assists OsloMet with legal and financial quality management of the location project.

The processes aim for the relocation to happen in 2023, since that is when the rental contract at Kjeller expires.

Matters for the board

General meeting

General meeting at Kjeller 08.05.2018

General meeting at Kjeller 22.01.2018

Articles and reports


Project mandate

The work for academic content has been put on a hold following the board meeting of  24.04.2018. Further progress is now pending until the Board has considered the matter in its meeting on 13.06.2018.