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Call for Excellent Academic Environments (EAE) based at OsloMet

OsloMets strategy 2024 identifies the goal of "developing three to five academic environments of particularly high quality, at least one of them in technology subjects." We hereby announce a call for academic environments based at OsloMet to apply for status as Excellent Academic Environment (EAE) for the period 2021-2024.
The applicant academic environment shall be of high to excellent quality, with the potential to compete for status as a national Centre of Excellence in the future, as defined by the SFF scheme of the Research Council of Norway.

During the four-year-period, the academic environments which are granted status as Excellent Academic Environment are expected to apply for external funding; to strengthen their national and international networks and collaboration; to identify and pursue relevant societal challenges defined by the UN SDG key targets and indicators; and to pursue excellence in education within their focus disciplines.

The academic environments which are granted status as Excellent Academic Environment may expect to receive extra administrative support when applying for external funding, additional funding of up to NOK 1 million/year and one earmarked PhD/Postdoc position.

The evaluation criteria for this call are the Research Council of Norway SFF criteria  – Norwegian Centres of Excellence scheme – combined with a set of specific OsloMet criteria.

Call information:

  • Call published: June 5th
  • Deadline: September 27th, at 23:59
  • Net-form for application:
  • Application: in English
  • Results of the call: week 2 in November 2020

The applicant environment shall use the following mandatory templates:

Each applicant shall upload a statement of confirmation from the Dean/Vice Dean and Department Head (Head of Institute) supporting the application (EAE leader and principal investigators).

Applications which do not use the mandatory templates and include a statement of confirmation are not eligible for participation in the evaluation process.

Evaluation criteria and process to be found here.

For questions, please contact senior research advisor Vera Østensen: