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Tools and support

Tools and support

Tools overview / Tools A-Z

Get started with Box

A quick introduction to the use of the cloud storage service, Box.

Accessing Box

  • Log in via Feide and accept the terms and conditions to start using Box.
  • Use your HiOA username and password to log in.
  • informasjon

    Login ID: HiOA username and password

  • ressurser

    Box can be used through your web browser or through the App for mobile devices.


How to log in to Box

  1. Log in to Box
  2. Log in to Box for mobile devices

1. Login to Box

1. Go to

Select Continue.

Skjermbilde: Logg på og velg Continue

3. Search for: Feide

4. Tick off for: Remember my selection.

Skjermbilde: Søk etter Feide og huk av for Remember my selection

5. Select: Oslo and Akershus University College

6. Click on: Continue

Skjermbilde: Velg Oslo and Akershus University College

7. Write your HiOA username and password.

8. Click on: Login

Skjermbilde: Skriv inn HiOA-brukernavn og passord og velg Login

9. Upon initial login you will be asked to accept user data at Feide and terms of use.

2. Login on mobile devices

1.  Download Box for Android  |  Download Box for iPad/iPhone

Make sure that you have installed the latest version av the Box app.

Open the application to log in.

2. Select: My company uses single sign-on

Skjermbilde: Velg nederst: My company uses single sign-on

3. Write your HiOA email address, eg.

4. Tick off for: Remember username

Skjermbilde: Skriv inn HiOA-epostadresse og hak av Remember username og logg inn

5. Click on: Login

6. Select: Feide and log in with HiOA username and password.

Synchronise folders/files to PC

HiOA-PC (office-PC)

You must install Box Sync on your HiOA-PC to synchronise your folders and files between PC and Box. 

How to install Box Sync to a HiOA PC

Box Sync to a private computer

Install the application Box Sync to a private PC.

  • Tip: Go to your profile in Box (login to Box) > select "Get Box Sync" in the menu.

Working Offline

Box also gives you the opportunity to work when you are offline.

Synchronising files and folders between Box and PC.

Synchronise from Box to PC

  1. In Box, right click on the folder/ file you wish to synchronise.
  2. Select Sync to computer.

Synchronise from PC to Box

  1. Save the file/ folder you wish to synchronise in the folder Box Sync.
  2. Box Sync is located under Favourites in Windows explorer and will normally have the location  C:\Users\brukernavn\Box Sync.

Synchronising files/folders in Box with PC.

Skjermbilde: Plassering av Box Sync på PC

Saving files and folders

There are several ways to save a file in Box. You can upload them, use the drag and drop function, save them in the Box Sync folder on your computer or create documents directly in Box.


How to save documents in Box.

What can I save?

  • Presentations
  • Drafts
  • Lectures
  • Lecture notes
  • Duplicated material
  • Media files


  • Box must not be used for storing documents that have legal, economic or administrative value for HiOA.
  • Archive worthy material should be saved in Public360.

Read about routines for saving in Box.

Sharing documents and files 

The service can in many cases be an alternative to saving files in the home area and common area, ie a file server.

  • With Box, you get quick access to work documents wherever you are, both on PC, smartphone and tablet. See synchronising content in Box with PC.
  • Box is very well suited for project work and collaborations with colleagues, students and externals.
  • In addition, you can share material openly. You can manage permissions to your documents and folders.
  • Box allows you to collaborate with other Box users to further develop your files and documents, with full version history available.


How to share files and folders. 

About levels of permission for other users.

What is Box?

Box is a free cloud storage service for the education sector and a professional cloud storage service adapted for companies and organisations. With Box, you can create a file struture that will always be easily available - both offline and with Internet connection.

Box is a bit like Dropbox, but Box is better adapted for professional use.

The service is free and it is offered to the university and university college sector through Uninett.

External manuals

User manual in Box Community (Engelsk)  Video: User manual in Box (Engelsk)

Other questions about Box?