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Announcement of strategy funding VIE for employees

Announcement of strategy funding VIE for employees

In the meeting of 17/03/2016, the R&D committee has decided to distribute funding to wealth creation, commercialisation, innovation and entrepreneurship. On this basis, kr. 400.000,- has been announced as strategy funds.


The faculties / centres may apply for support for the commercialisation of research project results and of ideas that have won in HiOA's idea competition. Strategy funding may also be applied for to support projects and ideas with potential for wealth creation.

The funds can be used to:

  • Free employees from teaching or other tasks in order to provide them with the necessary time to participate in a commercialisation process
  • Implement intellectual property rights research (e.g. patent investigations)
  • Clarify rights (who owns what)
  • Purchase relevant consultancy services to further develop the project and the research results towards commercialisation (beyond the consultancy services that HiOA offers based on its cooperation agreement with Kjeller Innovasjon AS)

Applications are received continuously and processed administratively with annual reports to the R&D Committee.

Application guidelines

The project description must be no longer than one page.

The application must be made using an already established form.

The faculties / centres will submit their assessment of the project and the applications must be sent to the R&D section via Public360 with case number 16/00978.

Rejections of applications for strategic funding will normally not be justified.

Questions can be addressed to senior adviser Anne Bjørtuft or to senior adviser Kjersti Sjaatil.