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Contact information

Agreements and signing of agreements

Agreements and signing of agreements

Signing agreements

Here you will find editable agreement templates as well as procedures for signing and administering international cooperation agreements. For questions regarding the use of the templates, contact the international coordinator at the faculty or the section for internationalisation. You will also find a list of suggestions on what to consider when signing and renewing agreements.

Agreement templates

  • MoU mal  (in Norwegian only) (Updated)
  • Student exchange agreement mal (Updated)
  • Study Abroad agreement mal (Updated)
  • Practice Placement agreement mal (Updated) This agreement template has been drwn up by HF in cooperation with IN. Text highlighted in yellow indicates the fields that require an especially thorough evaluation of the details filled in before the agreement becomes operational.
  • Erasmus + agreement template for HiOA with explanations.NB! It is important to use this template since link addresses etc. will be updated as changes and improvements take place. The text highlighted in green is what applies to HiOA and indicates the changes made with respect to the European Commission template.

    The text highlighted in yellow is HiOA’s explanations of what to fill in and why. These must be removed when the template is used to sign or renew an agreement.

    • Note that from now on it is the ISCED codes in the 2013 version that must be used under "subject code". Here you can find an overview of the codes.

    • The European Commission has also agreed that parts of the information can be separated as a obligatory annex. We encourage you to use the template above as far as possible. However, if you receive requests from partners who use annex, use the Obligatory Annex to Erasmus + Inter-Institutional Agreement - HiOA.

    • Other things to keep in mind: since we recommend that you sign agreements for the entire new programme period (2014-2020 (21)), it may be relevant to include staff mobility for teaching and for learning. This way, you avoid having to go through the whole process again "only" to add staff mobility. Take this opportunity to assess whether this is an agreement you wish to go on with, or whether the time has come to cancel some agreements from the portfolio. ALL institutions in programme countries must have the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Remember to check the list of  institutions with approved ECHE when signing a new agreement.